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What are QR Codes?
A Quick Response Code is a scannable barcode that allows you to instantly share content and promotions with your prospects and customers via direct links to your website, landing page, social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, or a text message. A QR Code connects traditional print marketing with your internet marketing and is the only marketing medium that can bring your direct, online and mobile marketing all together.

Why Should I Use QR Codes for my Business?

  • Increases Prospect Engagement: QR codes provide an opportunity to better connect with your prospects by instantly linking them to a hard-hitting promotion or web page with compelling information about your services.
  • It’s Trackable: Aspen Marketing will track each time your barcode is scanned and report back to you on the overall response.
  • Cost-Effective: QR Code development is a very low-cost method to drive added response and tracking.

Where do I use QR Codes?
Aspen Marketing recommends incorporating QR Codes in all of your print advertising, including direct mail, brochures and business cards as well as our new prospect email marketing. Together, the email and QR Code can drive prospects to the same landing page!

How do I incorporate QR Codes into my campaign?
While there are many applications of QR Codes, we recommend using them in one of the following ways:

  • Link to a promotion-filled coupon: Reinforce your campaign’s lead promotion on an added impression-building message. Scan to view and check this and out: live links to your business phone number, your website and even a map to your business location!
  • Link to your website or landing page: Drive prospects to your website homepage, lead sign-up page or promotion-specific landing page. Scan to view
  • Link to your Facebook or Twitter page: Can drive prospects directly to your social media homepage or straight to “liking” you. Scan to view this:

How do I read a QR Code?
Anyone with a smart phone can scan a QR Code. Our favorite free, downloadable scanners for the iPhone are i-nigma and RedLaser, which claims to be the highest rated scanner application. For Androids, we recommend Barcode Scanner.

How do I get started?
How quickly can my QR Code be developed? Give us a call today at 800.827.0133 or email us at Mail@GETMEMBERS.com. Since your personalized QR Code can be developed within one business day it will not slow down our turn-key, quick-strike process.

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