Call Tracking

Sure, our direct mail does a great job driving calls and people into your business... but what if you could actually LISTEN IN ON ALL OF THOSE CALLS and hear how your sales team is doing? With our innovative call tracking product, you can do just that! We'll assign you a local or toll-free number to use on all of your advertising that will record each and every call that comes into your business. Imagine the possibilities! You can listen to how well... or not so well... your sales team is selling. Our clients tell us this has tremendous value as a training tool to use with staff on how to effectively close a sale.

How does it work?

We'll email you a daily report that itemizes every call you have received from all sources of advertising. This effectively becomes a lead list for calls that were missed and includes such pertinent lead follow-up information as each caller's name, address, phone number, time, day and duration of the call. You can click on any call to hear the conversation!

Now you'll be able to keep track of how many calls you're receiving even when you're not in the office... and you'll have all of the information you'll need to call them back! Equally as important, you can listen in on how your sales staff is doing and determine if you are closing as many sales as you could be.

We're told this product is LIFE CHANGING for business owners and sales managers alike! Contact us to order call tracking NOW.


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